Your neighborhood financial technology research lab

Bitquant Research Laboratories is mom and pop Hong Kong-based financial technology research laboratory developing technologies for local angel investing, trading between Africa and China, and for trading options and futures for Hong Kong equities and digital currencies. All of our software is open source and available through our github repository.

We have two employees, and we will never have more than five employees. Having too many people in the company just creates a big, bloated bureaucracy, and big bureaucracies will kill any sort of innovation and creativity. Rather, our goal is to create a network of tiny companies, most of them small and agile, which an pool resources and capital.


Please look at our Pitchdecks

Hong Kong angel investing with smart contracts - We are active angel investors in local Hong Kong companies and have developed financial products and methodologies to deal with the financing needs of local Hong Kong companies using smart contracts. Bitquant is pleased to have written the first smart contract ever to be used for a real business transaction. Examples of the contracts that we have are located here.

African trade finance - We also are active in trading goods between Africa and China, and we have developed innovative financing structures to promote this trade.

Hong Kong/Digital Currency derivatives trading - We are active traders in both the HK equity deriviatives markets and in digital currency derivatives, and we have an internal open source platform to support our trading. Our goal is to provide small traders in Hong Kong the quantitative tools for risk management and trade support previously available only to large institutions.